How much do you charge ?  : Our fee varies and depends upon the length of the engagement, and the distance we have to travel.  Please contact us for price quotes.
Do you require a deposit ?  :  Yes. This also will vary - but for most bookings, including wedding receptions, the required deposit is $500.
Do you have your own sound system ?  :  Yes, we provide our own sound system.  It's a medium powered system and is sufficient for what we do (we don't play excessively loud).
How much time do you need to set up your equipment ?  :  Once we've unloaded the equipment, it takes approximately 1 hour to set up and do a quick sound check.  We would need access to the venue at least 1.5 hours before the start time. 
Can you set  up more than two hours before the start of the event ?  In general, noHaving to set up extremely early for an event places an inconvenience upon some of the band members.  Depending upon travel distance, It could require that we take personal leave from our day jobs.  We would also have to make additional arrangements in regards to family. Depending upon the circumstances, it MAY be possible for us to meet an extremely early set-up demand.
If I want a special song for my wedding that is not on your song list, can your band learn it - and how many songs may I request for you to learn?   Our limit on songs to learn for a special occasion is one ( 1 ). If you have an additional song there will be $25 charge to cover copies of sheet music OR the musical directors fee for transcribing music. 
Will you play longer than specified on a contract ?  :  Yes.  If requested, we will play one or two more short songs beyond the agreed upon end time.  However, after the 1 or 2 "quick songs", a minimum fee of $350 will apply - we will play UP TO an additional 45 minutes. 
How far in advance do I need to book you ?  :  The sooner the better. This gives us time to make sure that there's no scheduling conflicts and time to make any necessary preparations.
Can you hold a date for me?  :  We cannot hold a date without  a deposit.  Also - once a client receives a contract, they have 30 days to look it over and return it with signature and deposit. 
How far are you willing to travel ?  :  We generally don't travel beyond a 150 mile radius.  This doesn't mean that we won't  travel beyond that .... but do understand that the further we travel,  the larger the fee.  Also, depending upon the travel distance and the end time of the engagement, we may require overnight lodging.  This would be in addition to our fee. 
What are the terms of payment ?  :  A deposit is required up front to book the band, and full balance due at the end of the engagement payable by cash(preferred)  in U.S. funds or check
Do you have a free demo CD ?  :  Yes.  It contains short clips of the tracks that are on our web site.  Contact us if you'd like a copy.