Useful Info For a "Hassle Free" Event

1.  Band set-up requirements
  For the most part, the band has to have a stable floor that's strong
  enough to support the combined weight of musicians and equipment. It
  also needs to be large enough to accommodate us without hazards.
  If a stage is being provided, we would need a minimum size of 12' deep X 24' wide.

2. Outdoor Events 

We will not set up our gear on steep inclines/hilly & uneven ground. If we are to perform outdoors, a minimum floor MUST be provided. If providing a stage, the optimum size is 12' X 24'.  The set-up area should be near a sufficient electrical source that won't be shared with other high voltage items such as heaters or high wattage  lighting. 
*  The band also needs to have some type of overhead covering when performing outside during the summer season.  Intense direct sun for extended periods takes its toll on musicians and equipment.  

*  RAIN ......If there's a high probability of it, we will not set up our gear outside without proper coverage and protection. Excessive moisture can ruin an instrument and electronic gear.  And the water vs/electricity thing - as much as we love to play, we will not put our personal safety at risk.    

* Winter / Cold Weather ..... For reasons too numerous to cover, we will not play outdoor engagements in cold weather.  

      3.  Band Performance Itinerary
    * For a typical  show, we play  45 - 50 min. sets with 10 -15 minute breaks in between (a typical show is 3 hours). Our set lists are made up to fit the venue and audience  make- up.  We provide "break music" unless, the venue/client prefers to  provide their own.  If clients request us to play past the pre-determined  time frame as per contract, we're always happy to accommodate them with one or two short songs.  If requested to play beyond the "one or  two" short songs,  an additional minimum  fee will apply (see FAQ page )

  Requests ....... Generally speaking, we stick to a preset format in our shows. 
     We will take requests  IF  there's time to fit them in a set.  We will not play 
     requests with raunchy lyrics at a family oriented venue / function. 
     We also will not make blind attempts at obscure songs that no one
     in the band has ever heard of.  If we've heard the requested song before,
     but never played it, we won't attempt to "fake it" during a show as we
     feel  that this is not professional. And finally, when making a request, keep in      mind that Legacy is a  R&B/funk/smooth jazz band.          

4Wedding Receptions
     Our goal is to help make your special event a fun experience for
     you and your wedding guests.  During the early part of the event,
     we will play some low volume smooth jazz to allow time for visiting with
     family & friends and dining.  When people are ready to dance, we crank up
     the boogie..  If you have special announcements, have a
     point person to work with us and let us know when to make them. 
     We have a mic available for toasts, dinner blessing, etc. If you have a 
     specific itinerary for us to follow, just let us know.

(If the band is to be set up outdoors, please refer to item #2 regarding outdoor events ... particularly the rain and cold weather references)   

    *  If a "special song" is requested for say, the father daughter dance - and it's not on our list, we will do our best to learn it for you provided that we have at least  two months notice. This gives us time to secure sheet music and a recording of the song ... as well as coordinate an additional rehearsal around band members busy schedules, family obligations and day jobs.  When deciding upon a song that's not on our list,  please understand that songs that are a far departure from our genre will be modified to fit our playing style.  Our limit on "songs to learn" for any particular engagement is one. If you have an additional song that you would like for us to play live, there will be a small charge ( see FAQ ) to cover the cost of multiple copies of sheet music OR the music director fee for music transcription. 

 Recorded songs on CD's or electronic devices.    -   The band WILL NOT provide pre-recorded "special songs" on CD's or any kind of mp3 players. ....the CLIENT must provide their own recordings.  If you have several songs on a CD, please label it so that we know which tracks are which.  If you want the songs played in a certain order, please provide us with a written (or typed) "order of tracks to be played".   We WILL provide break music.  However,  if you wish to provide your own break music, that is perfectly fine - just bring the CD to us and we'll play it.  If any of your songs are on a smart phone or other mp3 player you are most welcome to plug it into our system, but you will need to get someone to operate it - band members will not do this for you. Note - our PA system accepts Android cable/plug in only. If using an iphone, you will need to provide the plug in adaptor.