Legacy is a 7 piece "Old School" Rhythm & Blues band based out of Dothan, Alabama. The group has been entertaining in the Southeast ( U.S.) since January 2005 and is comprised of individuals who are passionate about their music and enjoy entertaining a crowd.  Legacy's primary focus is old school/vintage R&B and funk.   A small serving of Motown and  smooth jazz is also included in the repertoire. From quiet dinner music to "full tilt" dance floor assault, Legacy can deliver.    Our engagements cover a wide range : wedding receptions,  private parties,  clubs,  organizational parties, restaurants and outdoor festivals. The band is a professional organization - both on and off stage.   The music is 100% live - NO "Autotune" , NO  pre-recorded "canned music" ; NO sampling, sequencing or looping  ; not that there's anything wrong with sampling, sequencing or looping ...... we just prefer to play the music ourselves as opposed to letting technology play it for us. Our sound is steadily evolving and we're very excited with the direction it has taken. Thank you for visiting our site!


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