Article taken from Panama City News Herald

Legacy shares R&B at Red Wine Festival

   Feeling blue, or like you might be headed that way?
Legacy is offering a cure today at Seaside's Seeing
Red Wine Festival with three hours of rhythm and blues
at the outdoor amphitheater.  The Dothan-centered
R&B group is making inroads here with summer and fall
performances at McKinsey Park, Schooners, The Granite
Cafe, among others.  
   Front man KD Darden, a Panama City resident, said that
the group is ready for a big night after a successful showing 
at Schooners.  "It was packed", he said.  "People are getting
into the music".  We were really, really happy that that
many people turned out."
   There's nothing fancy about the group, aside from musical
history of it's members.  It's raw R&B, the kind that leaves you
feeling OK about getting up to dance - even if you can't.
          - Mike Cazalas